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The favorite application for independent midwives in Switzerland!

no installation

mooncare can be accessed online, at the office, at your client's home or in the train

always available

you can access your data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

suitable for all your devices

computer, smartphone and tablet

Mac, Windows, IOS, Android

it's up to you

Simplify your day

Contact details, medical history, visits, charts, invoices, documents, everything is centralised in one place.

Monitoring your patients, with prenatal, delivery and post-partum visits, each with a very specific detail

The invoice is prepared automatically on the basis of the visits, the calculations are automatic (and always correct) and it is sent electronically to the insurance company. All in one click!

Automatic statistics. All your upcoming events. Your turnover by period. Import of cash receipts. Letters to gynaecologists and paediatricians. And lots of other goodies.



CHF 12
  • per record
  • for a batch of 10 dossiers


CHF 11
  • per record
  • for a batch of 50 dossiers


CHF 10
  • per record
  • for a batch of 100 dossiers


  • per record
  • for a batch of 200 dossiers


  • per record
  • for a batch of 400 dossiers

Price per dossier

No subscriptions or hidden fees, buy and manage your dossiers

Degressive costs

from CHF 7

All included

Support, Data updating and storage

No expiry date

The dossiers have no expiration date

Sleep soundly

Secured servers

Your records are hosted exclusively in Switzerland, on secure dedicated servers

Authentication reinforced

Thanks to your biometric data, only you can access your account

Regular back-ups

Your records are backed up several times a day. So you never lose any data

"Working with mooncare is really fun! It's clear, user-friendly and ergonomic!"

"Your product is great!"

"Thank you for all the new developments. The standard letters are great and the possibility of printing out the profile is very good."

Ready to join mooncare community ?

Yes, you can automatically send your visits to the insurances

Yes, you can send invoices for personalized services and medication.

Yes, there’s no need to re-enter all her information, as mooncare automatically collects all the mother’s details from her last pregnancy record.

Yes, mooncare is compatible with all devices and your data is automatically synchronized as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

Yes, you can keep track of all your invoices and see which ones are still open. You can even import a file directly from your e-banking system to automatically register all the payments you’ve received.

Yes, simply enter the birth house you work with in your profile, and then specify for each visit you make whether you did it on behalf of the birth center or for your own account.

mooncare lets you share your records with all your colleagues who use mooncare, while keeping control of your records! For each shared record, your colleagues will be able to access information and make visits if necessary.

No, mooncare adapts to all midwives, which is why the records can be bought individually and used without time limit, at your own rhythm!

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